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Infection Prevention

Special Care Unit places a high priority on infection prevention within all of our hospital-based programs. Patients who have prolonged hospitalizations are more susceptible to hospital-acquired infections. Special Care staff recognizes this and places significant emphasis on evidence-based methodologies and standards of practice to reduce or prevent the spread of infections. All Special Care medical team members are held accountable to the adherence of these standards.  

Standard precautions within all units include:

  • Strict hand washing for staff and family members

  • Respiratory hygiene and cough manners

  • Use of personal protective equipment

  • Proper cleansing and disinfection of exposed equipment

  • All patient rooms are private

  • Frequent urinary catheter care during each shift

  • Mouth care every four hours

  • Central Venous Line dressing changes every week or more frequently when needed 

  • Head of bed maintained at 30-45 degrees

  • Baseline blood, urine, and sputum cultures are obtained upon each patiet’s admission.