No Words To Express My Gratitude

As a specialty FL Medicaid Health Plan for patients who suffer with severe mental illnesses, we face many obstacles in order to provide the best medical care on a regular basis. Recently, one of our members, admitted to a hospital since May 2015, was facing some serious challenges in care. Unfortunately, the physical health condition deteriorated and ended up on a ventilator at an FiO2 of 45% percent.

Four months later and despite multiple attempts, the hospital staff have remained unsuccessful in weaning the patient off the ventilator. No Skilled Nursing Facility in the area was willing to take the member and those who may have agreed to take the challenge initially, turned down the member at the last minute due to a past medical history of severe mental illness.

As a last resource, I approached the team at Special Care Unit. No LTAC provider in the area wanted to accept the member, but I still proceeded with the call. Ms. Carolyn Ambush immediately took my call, went to the hospital to review the case and transferred the member to the Special Care Unit facility within 48 hours. A week later, Ms. Ambush contacted my office to inform that the member had been successfully weaned off the ventilator, decanulated and was being transferred to a Long Term Care Nursing Home Facility under the member’s LTC Medicaid Health Plan.

I have no words to express my gratitude. On behalf of the member and the other 40K plus members suffering of a severe mental illness, I want thank the Special Care Unit team who despite other people’s beliefs, took their time to care for our member and give a second chance. It is so refreshing to know that we still have excellent dedicated professionals within our community who will go the extra-mile, promoting our mission of care, compassion and commitment.

Darwin Caraballo, M.D.
Medical Director
December 21, 2015